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O’dee (American Indian ) Heart (Ojibwa)

Oafe (African) Your Descent Matters


Oakes (English) the Oak, Beside the Oak Trees (Ochs, Oakleyl, Oakleigh)

Oakley Old (English) Grove of an Oak Tree

Oba (African) King (In Nigerian)

Obadiah (Hebrew) God's Servant (Obadias, Obed)

Obayana (Nigerian) King of Fire

Oberon (German) Bear Heart

Obi Wan


Obi-wan & Quigon Jin

Ocean (English) Lover of the Sea.

Oceana (Greek) Ocean

Octavia (Latin) Eight, Sociable.

Octavious (African) Temper

Octavius (Latin) Eighth Born

Octha (From Arthurian Legend) Enemy of Arthur

Ocvran (From Arthurian Legend Father of Guinevere)


Odahingum (American Indian) Ripple on the Water

Odakota (American Indian) Friendly


Odds & Ends

Odele (Greek) Melody (German) Wealthy (Odela, Odelette, Odelll, Odealla)

Odelette (French)-(Greek) Little Song

Odelia (German) Wealthy

Odell (Norse) Man of Property(Danish) Otter (German) Little Wealthy One; Ode; Otter (Greek) Melody (Dell)

Odetta (Greek) Melody (Odette, Odele, Odelet, Odell) (French) Happy Home


Odil Rich French

Odin (Scandinavian) The Head Viking God, Big and Powerful

Odina (American Indian) Mountain (In North American Algonquin Indian)

Odis (Fat Guy off of the Andy Griffith Show)

Odjindivdam (American Indian ) Kiss (Ojiwa)




Ogaleesha (American Indian) Red Shirt

Ogden(English) Residence Name

Ogilvy (Scottish) from the High Peak

Ogima (American Indian) Chief

Ogin (American Indian) the Wild Rose

Ohanko (American Indian) Reckless

Ohanzee (American Indian)Shadow, Comforting

Ohitekah (American Indian) Brave

Oighrig (Scottish) of Uncertain Derivation, Believed to Be Derived Either from Aithbhreac (New Speckled One) or from the (Greek) Euphemia (Fair Speech). Anglicization: Africa, Effie, Efric, Erica, Euphemia, Harriet, Henrietta. Variations: Eirie, Eithrig. (Ef-rik)

Oihane (Basque) Forest

Oilbhries (Gaelic) Form of Oliver, it Is Thought to Be Derived from French Olivier (Olive Tree). Some Believe it Is of (German)ic Origin, Alfihar, a Compund Name Composed Of, Alf (Elf) and Hari (Army). (Oy-leh-ree)

Oisin (Gaelic) Little Fawn - Big Warrior


Ojas (Hindu) Might ,Power

Ojaswin (Hindu) Powerful ,Radiant

Ojinjintka (American Indian) Rose, queen of Flowers

Okal (African) to Cross

Okami, Ohkami (Japanese) Wolf

Okapi (African) Giraffe like Animal

Okelani (Hawaiian) from Heaven

Oki (Japanese) Middle of the Ocean

Okilani (Hawaiian) Descended from the Heavens

Okkali (Large, Big)

Oksana (Russian) Praise Be to God (Ksana, ksanochka)

Ola Nigerian Wealth, Riches

Olaf Norse Ancestral Relic (Olin, Olafur)

Olaf Old Norse Relic

Olathe (American Indian) Beautiful

Old Yeller


Oleg (Russian) Holy (Olezka)

Olena (Russian) Light (Lenusya,lila,alena)

Olethea (Latin) Truth

Olga (Russian) Holy (Olya,olenka) (German) Holy, Alert, Sentimental, Optimistic (Olge, Helga)

Olghar Gaelic Gaelic Form of Oliver.(Ohl-ver)

Oliana (Hawaiian) Oleander

Olin Middle (English) Holly

Olinda Protector of Property Old (German)

Olisa (African) God

live & Pimento

Olive (Latin) Kind One; Olive Tree, Peace (Ollie, Olivier, Olivia, Livia, Liwy)

Oliver (Latin) Peace and Joy, Chivalrous (English) Olive Tree, a Symbol of Peace (Ollie, Olivier)

Olivia (Hebrew) Olive Tree; an (English) Form of Olga (Liv, Liva, Livia, Livvie, Livvy, Nola, Nolana, Nollie, Olga, Olia, Olive, Olivette, Ollie, Olly, Olva)

Oliwka (Olive)

Olwyn (From Arthurian Legend) Daughter of a Giant

Oly & Ander

Olympia (Greek) Home of the Gods

Omar (Arabic) First Born

Omayma (African) Little Mother

Ominatago (American Indian) Pleasant Voice

Omkar (Hindu) a Holy Letter and Sound

Omri (Islamic) Live Long

Omusa (American Indian) Missing Things When Shooting with Arrows

Ona (Lithuanian) Graceful; Form of Hannah

Onatah (American Indian) Corn Spirit, daughter of the Earth

Onawah (American Indian) Wide-awake One

Oni (African) Prayed for


Onida (American Indian) the Expected One

Onika (African) Warrior

Onix (A Black Stone)


Oona (Latin) One (One, Una)

Ooschie (German) a Running Water Fall

Opa (American Indian) Owl (In North American Choctaw Indian)

Opal (Latin) Gemstone



Ophelia (Greek) Help, Assistance

Oprah (Hebrew) Fawn

Opus (A Musical Composition, or Set of Compositions)


Ora (Latin) Seacoast

Orabel (Latin) Golden Beauty

Orald (J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings)

Oralee (Hebrew) "My Light" or "I Have Light"

Oralie (Latin) the Golden

Oran (Gaelic) Green Life (Oren, Orin, Orren, Orrin) (Irish) Pale One

Orane (French) Rising




Oren (Hebrew) Pine Tree

Oren (Gaelic) Pale-skinned (Hebrew) Cedar Tree

Orenda (American Indian) with Magical Powers (In Iroquois Indian)


Orguelleuse (From Arthurian Legend) an Arrogant Lady

Orgulloso (Proud)

Oriana (Latin) Golden One (Ori, Riana, Pie)

Oribel (Latin) Golden Beauty

Oriel (French) Golden, Angel of Destiny

Orion (Greek) the Hunter (Orien, Orin, Orrin)

Orka (Orca)

Orla (Irish) One of True Beauty; Originally a 'S Name from Denmark. In Denmark, Orla Means Strong and Manly.

Orlando (German) Fame of the Land (Latin) Man from Land of Gold (Orland)

Orlantha (German) from the Land

Orlena (Latin) the Golden

Orlenda (Russian) Female Eagle

Orly (Hebrew) My Light, Light for Me

Orma (African) Free Men

Orpheus & Eurydice

Orson (Latin) Bear (Urson)

Orton (German) Wealthy

Orva (Anglo Saxon) Courageous Friend

Orville (French) Golden City

Orvin (Anglo Saxon) Boar Friend


Osane (Basque) Health

Osanna (Latin) Praise the Lord

Osaze Nigerian Favored by God

Osborn (German) Divine Bear (Scandinavian) Sacred Bear (English) God's Soldier

Oscar (English) from the Old (English) Osgar, Composed of the Elements Os (A God) and Gar (Spear).(Irish) Which Is Derived from the Gaelic Elements Os (A Deer) and Cara (Friend) (Scandinavian) Spear of God (Oskar, Ozzie, Ozzy) (Celtic) Bounding Warrior, Ardent.

Oscar & Felix

Oscar & Emmy

Osgood (German) Divine Creator


Osman (English) God's Servant (Osmin, Osmond, Oswin)


Osmond (German) under Divine Protection


Oswald (German) of God-like Power (Oswaldo, Osvaldo, Waldo)

Otadan (American Indian) Plenty

Otaktay (American Indian) Kills or Strikes Many


Otis (Greek) Hears Well

Oto (African) Name of a Tribe in Africa

Otoo (American Indian) Collecting Sea Shells in a Basket


Otto (German) Prosperous (Othello, Otis)

Oudumber (Hindu) Vishnu

Ouji (Prince)

Ouray (American Indian) the Arrow

Outie & Innie


Ovia (Danish) Egg

Owain(From Arthurian Legend) Son of Urien

Owen (Welsh) Well-born (Celtic) Lamb, or Young Warrior (Bowen, Bowie, Wean, Ewen, Evan)

Oxford (English) River's Pass

Oya (American Indian) Naming or Speaking of the Jacksnipe


Ozzie & Harriet


Ozzy Osborn


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