U (Korean) Gentle

U.S. Marshal

Uba (African) Father, Lord

Ubadah (Arabic) Serves God

Ubaid (Arabic) Faithful


Uberto (Italian) Form of Hubert


Udele (Anglo Saxon) Rich or Prosperous

Udell (English) Grove of Yew Trees (Dell, Eudel, Udel, Udall)

Udhyoth (Hindu) Shine

Udit (Hindu) Thriving

Uditi (Hindu) Rising Sun

Udo (Japanese) Ginseng Plant

Udolf (English) Prosperous Wolf

Udup (Hindu) Moon Light

Ugo (Italian) Form of Hugo, Hugh

Uilleam (Scottish ) Resolute Protector; Gaelic Form of William. Variations: Uilliam, Uilleachan, Uillidh. (Wil-lem)

Uisdean (Scottish)

Uistean (Irish) Intelligent

Ujana (African) Youth

Ula (Celtic) Jewel of the Sea, Inherited Estate

Uland (Teutonic) from the Noble Land

Ulani (Hawaiian) Cheerful

Ulbrecht (German) Form of Albert

Ulf (German )Wolf

Ulima (Arabic) Astute, Wise



Ulric (Danish) Wolf

Ulrica (Teutonic) Ruler of All

Ulrick (Teutonic) Noble Ruler, Another Form Is Uric, Unconventional, Sceptical.

Ulrika (Old German) Wolf Ruler

Ultan (Celtic)

Ultima (Latin) Last, Endmost

Ululani (Hawaiian) Heavenly Inspiration

Ulva (German) Wolf

Ulysses (Greek) Angry or Wrathful

Umar (Islamic) Flourishing, Thriving

Umay (Turkish) Hopeful

Umeko (Japanese) Patient, Plum-blossom Child

Umi (Malawi) Life

Umit Turkish Hope

Una (Scottish) Derived from the Gaelic Una (Dearth, Famine, Hunger), and Also from Uan (Lamb). Anglicizations as Euna, Agnes, and Winifred. (Yoo-nah) ( English) Form of Agnes

Undine (Latin) of the Waves

Undomiel (J.r.r.. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings)

Uner (Turkish) Famous



Universal Soldier

Unn (Norwegian) She Who Is Loved

Unna (German) Woman

Unwin English Nonfriend

Upendo (African) Love

Upshaw (English) Upper Wooded Area

Upton (English) from the Upper Town

Upton English Upper Town

Uragano (Hurricane)

Urania (Greek) Heavenly, Queen of the Mountain


Urbana (Latin) City Dweller


Uri (Hebrew) Form of Uriah

Uriah (Hebrew) God Is Light (Urias, Yurl)

Urian (Greek) from Heaven

Uriel (Hebrew) Angel of Light (Uri, Uriah)

Urien (Celtic) Privileged Birth

Urika (American Indian) Useful to All

Urit (Hebrew) Bright

Urja (Hindu) Energy


Ursa (Greek) Form of Ursula

Ursa & Major

Ursola (Russian) Little Bear (Ursula)


Ursula (Greek) Little Bear


Usama (Islamic) Lion

Usamah (Arabic) like a Lion

Usoa (Basque) Dove

Ustin (Russian) Form of Justin

Uta (German) Rich, Fortunate Maid of Battle

Uther (From Arthurian Legend) Arthur's Father

Uthman (Arabic) Companion of the Prophet

Uthman (Islamic) Baby Bustard (Kind of Bird), a Crane like Bird

Utina (American Indian) Woman of My Country

Utpalini (Hindu) Lotus Pond

Uttara (Hindu) a Star

Uzi (Hebrew) My Strength

Uzumati (American Indian) Grizzly Bear

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