Vachan (Hindu) Promise

Vachaspati (Hindu) a Learned Man

Vachel (French) Small Cow, Cattleman (English) Little Ash

Vaclav (Czech) Wreath of Glory


Vadin (Hindu) Scholar


Vail (Old French) from the Valley

Vail Latin Valley

Vajra (Hindu) Diamond

Val (Teutonic) Power

Valborg (Swedish) Mighty Mountain

Valda (Teutonic) Spirited in Battle

Valdemar (Swedish) Famous Ruler

Valdis (Teutonic) Spirited in Battle

Valeda Latin Strong or Healthy

Valencia (Latin) Strong, Vigorous

Valentina (Russian) Strong, Brave (Tina) (Latin) Powerful (Val, Valentine)

Valentina (Latin) Strong or Valiant

Valentine, Val (Latin) Strong

Valeray (Old French)& (Latin) Valor, Strong

Valerian (Latin) Strong

Valerie (Spanish) Love, Beautiful, Smile, Light, Happiness (French) Fierce (Val, Valaree, Valaria, Valerye, Valli, Vallie)

Valerii (Russian) Strong,brave (Valera,valerik)

Valfrid (Swedish) Strong Peace


Valin (Hindu) Monkey King


Vallabhadev (Hindu) Master , Owner


Vallika (Hindu) Creeper

Vallis (French) from Wales

Valmai (Welsh) Mayflower

Valora (Latin) Brave

Valter (Swedish) Form of Walter

Van (Japanese) Dragon, Winged Monster, Mystical Beast with Wings (Dutch) Noble Descent

Van Gogh

Van Damme

Vana (Spanish) Child of God, Princess

Vance (English) Thresher (Van)

Vandyke (Dutch) Residence Name

Vanessa (Greek) Butterfly (Hebrew) Star (Ness, Nessa, Nessi, Vana, Vanna, Vanni, Vanya)


Vania (Hebrew) God's Gracious Gift


Vanisha (Hindu) Pure

Vanita (Hindu) Lady

Vanmala (Hindu) Wildflower Garland

Vanora (Scottish) White Wave

Vanya (Russian) Gracious Gift of God


Vara (Greek) the Stranger

Varchas (Hindu) Radiance

Varden (Old French) from the Green Hill

Vardhaka (Hindu) One Who Improves

Vardon (French) Green Knoll

Varian (Latin) Fickle

Varick (German) Ruler Who Defends (Warrick)

Varija (Hindu) Lotus

Varinka (Russian) Stranger

Varney (Celtic) Residence Name

Varocher (French)

Varsha (Hindu) Rain

Vartan (Armenian) Rose Giver

Varun (Hindu) God of Rain and Water

Varuni (Hindu) a Goddess

Varvara (Russian) the Stranger (Varya, Varenka)

Varvara (Greek) the Stranger (Russian) Strong One

Vasanta (Hindu) Spring

Vashti (Persian) Beautiful

Vashti (English)

Vasilii (Russian) Royal (Vasya, Vasyenka)

Vasilis (Greek) Kingly; Form of Basil

Vasin (Hindi ) Ruler, Lord

Vassil (Bulgaria) Kingly

Vasuki (Hindu) Serpent King

Vathsa (Hindu) Son, Beloved (Vatsa)

Vatsala (Hindu) Loving

Vatusia (African) They Leave Us Behind

Vaughan (Welsh) Small

Veasna (Cambodian) Lucky

Vedette (Old French) Watch Tower

Vedie (Latin) Sight

Vegard (Norwegian) Protection

Veleda (Teutonic) of Inspired Wisdom

Velika (Russian) Great

Velma (Teutonic) Warm Hearted

Velyo (Bulgaria) Great (Velcho, Veliko, Velin, Velko)

Venitia (Italian) Mercy



Venus De Milo

Venus (Planet of Love)

Venus & Mars

Vera (Latin) the True (Slavonic) Faith, Sensible, Affectionate, Pleasant Manners. (Verochka)

Verda (Latin) Springlike



Vere (French) True

Vered (Hebrew) Rose

Vern (Latin) Form of Vernon

Verner (German) Defending Army

Verney (French) Alder Grove

Vernon (Latin) Flourishing, Spring-like (Vern, Verne) (French) Alder Tree

Veronica (Hebrew) True Face (Veronique) (Latin) True Image, Idealistic (Blue/purple Flower)

Verrin (Old French)

Veruca (From Willy Wonka)


Vian (English) Full of Life

Vibeke Danish Little Woman

Vibha (Hindu) Radiance

Vicky (English) Victorious (Latin) Conqueror (Vie, Vik, Viktor, Vittorio, Vito)

Victor & Victoria

Victoria (English) Victorious (Vicki, Vicky, Tory, Tori) (Latin) Conqueror, Self-willed


Vida (Hebrew) Beloved

Vida (Spanish) Very Lively, Full of Life

Vidal (Spanish) Form of Vitas

Vidar (Norwegian) Tree Warrior

Vidette (Hebrew) the Beloved


Vidor (Hungarian) Happy, Cheerful


Vidula (Hindu) Moon

Vidya (Hindu) Wisdom, Knowledge

Viella Christian Artful and Shy

Vienna (Latin) City in Austria

Vifor (Blizzard)

Vihar (Hindu) Fun ,Play

Viho (American Indian) Cheyenne Chief

Viiru (White Stripe on the Dog's Head)

Vikram (Hindu) Brave ,Hero

 Vikrant (Hindu) Might

Viktor (Russian) Conqueror (Vitya,vitenka)

Vilas (Hindu) Play

Vilhelm (German) Form of William


Viljo (Finnish) Form of William

Ville (Swedish) Form of William

Vilma (Russian) Resolute Protector

Vim & Vigor

Vimal (Hindu) Pure

Vincent (Latin) Victorious(vince, Vinny, Vinnie, Vincenzo, Vincente)

Vincent & Theo

Vinvella (French)

Violet (Latin) Modest Grace (English) Flower (Vi, Viola, Violetta, Iliolette)

Violeta (Bulgaria) Violet

Viper (Dodge Viper)


Virat (Hindu) King

Virgi (Latin) Flourishing (Vergil)

Virgil (Latin) Flourishing

Virginia (Latin) Purity, Flourishing, Robust, Cheerful, Tender. (Ginny, Ginger)


Vita (Latin) Vital or Animated

Vitas (Latin) Alive, Vital

Vito (Latin) Vibrant, Alive


Viveka (German) Little Woman, of the Strong Fortress

Vivian (Latin) Lively or Alive, (English) Full of Life, Vibrant

Viviana (Spanish)grace of God

Viviane (From Arthurian Legend) the Lady of the Lake

Vivien (From Arthurian Legend) the Lady of the Lake

Vlada (Russian) Owner, Ruler (Vlastelina)

Vadimir (Russian) Prince of the World (Vlad, Vladmir)

Vladislav (Russian) Possess Glory (Vladik,vladya)

Vladislav Dracul von Vampyre (Vlad Dracula, Lord of Vampires)



Voletta (Old French) the Veiled

Volker (German)




Vortigem (From Arthurian Legend) Name of a King

Vortimer (From Arthurian Legend) Vortigem's Son

Voska (Greek) Stranger


Vsna (Cambodian) Chance



Vuyolwethu (African) Our Happiness

Vyacheslav (Russian) Possess Glory(slava)

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