Xact (Prounced Zach)

Xandr (Buffy's Buddy)

Xandra (Hispanic) One Who Protects the World (Zandra)

Xandra (Greek) Form of Zandra

Xanthe (Greek) Golden Yellow (Xantha)

Xanthus Latin Golden Haired

Xanthus Latin Blonde (Xanthos)

Xavier (Arabic) Splendid (Javier)

Xaviera (Arabic) Brilliant

Xena (Greek) Distant Place (Zena)

Xenia (Russian) Hospitable (Xena, Zena, Zenia) Origin: (Greek)

Xenia (Greek) Hospitable

Xenophon (Greek) Strange Voice

Xenos (Greek) Foreigner (Zenos)

Xenos (Greek) Favored Guest


Xerxes (Persian) Royal Leader

Xiang (Chinese) Fragrant

Ximen (Hispanic) Obedient

Ximena (Hispanic)

Xinavane (African) Spread, Propagate

Xiomara (Teutonic) Glorious Forest

Xiu Mei (Chinese) Beautiful Plum

Xochitl (Aztec) Princes

Xolani (African) Please Forgive


Xuan (Vietnamese) Spring

Xuxa (Hispanic) Girl

Xuxa (Portuguese) Form of Susanna

Xylia (Greek) of the Woods

Xylina (Greek) of the Woods

Xylon (Greek) Forest Dweller

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