Yaakov (Hebrew) Supplicant One (Yaacob, Yachov, Yago, Lago)


Yachi (Japanese) Eight Thousand

Yachne (Hebrew) Hospitable

Yadav (Hindu) Krishna

Yadid (Hebrew) Friend, Beloved

Yadira (Spanish) Peace

Yadira (Hebrew) Friend

Yadon (Hebrew) He Will Judge

Yadu (Hindu) Son of Yayathi

Yadushyla (Hindu) Another Name of Yadugiri, like Yadu

Yaduveer (Hindu) Sri Krishna

Yaffa (Hebrew) Beautiful (Yaffit, Jaffa, Vafo)

Yaffa (Hebrew) Beautiful

Yaga (Baba Jaga)

Yagil (Hebrew) He Will Celebrate

Yagmur (Rain)

Yagnavalkya (Hindu) a Sage

Yahto (American Indan) the Color Blue (In Sioux Indian)

Yahya (Islamic) Arabic Form of John

Yakecan (American Indian) Sky, Song

Yakira (Hebrew) Precious

Yakov (Russian) Supplanter (Jasha) Form of Jacob

Yale (English) Old, Old Man (German) One Who Pays or Produces, Corner of Land

Yalena (Russian) Light

Yamini (Hindu) Night

Yaminichandra (Hindu) Night Moon

Yamka (American Indian Hopi) Blossom

Yamuna (Hindu) Jamuna River


Yan Tao (Chinese ) Handsome

Yana (American Indian) Bear

Yanaba (American Indian Navajo) She Meets the Enemy , Brave

Yanamari (Basque) Combination of Jean and Marie

Yancy (American) Name for Englishman

Yancy Yankee

Yang (Chinese) Sun

Yankee & Doodle

Yanni (Greek) Form of John

Yannick (French)


Yaphet (Hebrew) Good Looking (Japhet, Japheth, Yapheth)


Yaqub (Islamic) Seizing by the Heel, Supplanting (Arabic Form of Jacob)

Yardan (Arabic) King

Yardley (Old English) Enclosed Meadow


Yarkona (Hebrew) Green

Yaro (African) Son

Yaron (Hebrew) He Will Sing

Yasahiro (Japanese) Peaceful,calm,wise

Yasashiku (Japanese) Polite, Gentle

Yash (Hindi)Victorious, Glory

Yashas (Hindu) Fame

Yashaskar (Hindu) Celebrated

Yashaswini (Hindu) Successful Lady

Yashila (Hindu) Famous

Yasir (Afghani) Humble (Islamic) to Be Wealthy

Yasmeen (Persian) Flower (Also See Jasmine)

Yasmin (Persian) Flower (Jasmine, Yasmeena, Yasmina, Yasmine)

Yasmine (Persian) Flower

Yasu (Japanese) the Peaceful (Yasuko)

Yasuo (Japanese) Tranquility

Yates (Old English) Gates

 Yates (English) Iron Gates (Yeats)

Yayoi (Japanese) Born in Spring



Yehudah (Hebrew) One Who Is from Judah (Yehuda, Yehudi)

Yei (Japanese) Flourishing

Yein (Chinese) Kind, Gentle

Yekaterina (Russian) the Early Queen, (Russian Queen)

Yelena (Russian) Light (Helen)

Yelizavetha (Russian) Consecrated to God (Liza,betti,lizanka)

Yemon (Japanese) Guarding the Gate

Yenene (American Indian Miwok ) Wizard Poisoning a Sleeping Person

Yenge (African ) Work

Yeoman (English) Attendant

Yepa (American Indian) Snow Maiden

Yerik (Russian) Appointed by God (Yarema,yaremka)

Yervant (Armenian) King

Yesenia (African) a Name of a Tribe in Africa

Yeshaya (Hebrew) Gift

Yeshua (Hebrew) Jesus's nick name, king

Yestin (Welsh) Just


Yetkin (Perfect)

Ygeme (From Arthurian Legend) Mother of Arthur

Ygraine (From Arthurian Legend) Mother of Arthur

Yihana (frican) ongratulations

Ying & Yang


Yogalakshmi (Hindu) Goddess of Wealth

Yogi & Booboo

Yogi Bear



Yohann (German) Form of Johan

Yoi (Japanese) Born in the Evening

Yoki (American Indian) Rain, Blue Bird on the Messa

Yokio (Japanese) Boy Who Goes His Own Way, Ambitious (Yuki, Yukiko)

Yoko (Japanese) Determined

Yolanda (Greek) Violet Flower

Yoomee (American Indian) Star

Yordana (Basque) Descendant

Yori (Japanese) Trustworthy

Yorick (Danish) Farmer from York

York (English) Boar Estate (Celtic) from the Yew Estate (Yorke)

Yosebe (Basque) God Will Add

Yosef (Hebrew) Joseph

Yoshe ( Japanese) a Beauty

Yoshi (Japanese) Good ,The Respectful (Yoshiko)

Yoshiko (Japanese) Good (Yoshi)

Yosimite Sam

Ysolde (From Arthurian Legend) Lover of Tristan

Yu (Chinese) Universe

Yuki (Japanese) Snow (Yukie)

Yukiko (Japanese) Snow Child (Born in December)

Yukio (Japanese) Snow Boy

Yule (English) Born on Christmas (Euell, Ewe, Yul)

Yulene (Basque) Youth (Julene)

 Yuliya (Russian) Youth (Yulenka)

Yum-yum & Nanki-poo

Yuma (American Indian) Son of a Chief

Yunis (Islamic) a Dove (Arabic Form of Jonah)

Yunisha (Hindu)

Yuri (Japanese) Lily (Yuriko)

Yuri (Russian) Form of George

Yurii (Russian) Farmer (Yura,yurochka)

Yuriko (Japanese) Lily Child

Yusua (Islamic) Help of Jehovah (Arabic Form of Joshua)

Yusuf (Islamic) May He Add (Arabic Form of Joseph)

Yves (Scandinavian) Archer (Ives, Ivor)

Yvette (French) God Is Merciful

Yvonne (French) Young Archer

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