Waail (Islamic) One Who Reverts Back to God

Waban (American Indian) the East Wind

Wachinksapa (American Indian) Wise

Wachintonka (American Indian) Patient

Wachiwi (American Indian) Dancing Girl

Wade (Old English) the River Crossing (Wadsworth, Wadell)


Waggoner (German) Wagon Maker



Wahab (Hindu) Large Hearted

Waheed (Hindu) Handsome

Wahib (Islamic) Donor

Wahkan (American Indian) Sacred

Wahkoowah (American Indian) Charging

Waitilanni (American Indian) Wonder Water

Wajih (Islamic) Distinguished

Wakana (Japanese) Plant Name

Wakanda (American Indian) Inner Magical Power

Wakiza (American Indian) Desperate Fighter

Walcott (English) Cottage near the River Banks (Walcot, Welcott)

Walden (English) Woods (Wally, Waiter) (Teutonic) Mighty and Famous

Waldo (English) Ruler (Waldrun, Waldemar)

Waldo (Teutonic) Powerful or Mighty

Walid (Islamic) Newborn

Walker (Old English) Occupation

Wallace (English) Healthy, Powerful. (Wallis, Walsh) (Anglo Saxon) Stranger

Waller (English) Wall Maker

Wallis (Old English) from Eales. Feminine Form of Wallace ( Wallie, Wally)

Walta (African) Shield

Walter (German) Powerful Ruler (Scottish) Ruler of an Army (Wahl-ter)

Walton (Old English) Reinforced Village

Wamblee (American Indian) Eagle

Wambleeska (American Indian) White Eagle

Wambli-waste (American Indian) Good Eagle

Wanageeska (American Indian) White Spirit

Wanahton (American Indian) Charger

Wanda (English) the Wanderer, Vanda, Wendy, Wandie, Wandis, Wenda, Wendeline, Wendie, Wendye (Slavic) Vandal

Waneta (American Indian) Charger

Wanikiya (American Indian) Savior

Wapeka (American Indian) Skillful

Wapi (American Indian) Lucky

Wapiti (American Indian) Deer

War Bonnet

War Maiden

War Drumer

War Shield

War Party

War Maid

War Club

Ward (English) Guardian (Worden)

Ware (Anglo Saxon) Wary

Warner Teutonic Guarding Warrior

Warner (Old German) Defender

Warren (Old German) Watchman, Game Keeper, Enclosure, Protective Friend

Warrior Rampage

Warrior Angel



Wasaki (African) the Enemy

Washburn (English) Overflowing River

Washington (Old English) Residence Name

Washoe (American Indian) it Means "People"

Wasim (Islamic) Handsome, Good-looking

Wasula (American Indian) Stormy



Watson & Crick


Wauna (American Indian) Snow Geese Calling as They Fly

Waverly (English) Grove of Aspen Trees

Wayland (English) near the Footpath

Waylen (Old English) Land near the Road, Wayland


Wayne (Teutonic) Wagonmaker (Wain, Waine, Dwayne, Duane)

Weayaya (American Indian) Setting Sun

Webster (Old English) Weaver (Webb)

Weekend Warrior

Weeko (American Indian) Pretty Girl

Weener Dog


Wehinahpay (American Indian) Rising Sun

Weldon (English) Hill with the Well (Welden, Welldon)

Wenda (Teutonic) Wanderer

Wendel (Teutonic) Wanderer

Wendell (English) He Who Lives in the Pleasant Valley (Wen, Wendel, Del)


Wendy (English) Wanderer; a Form of Gwendolyn and Wanda. (Wendeline, Wendi, Wendie, Windy)

Wenhaver (From Arthurian Legend) Arthur's Queen

Wenona (American Indian) Firstborn Daughter

Wentworth (English) White Man's Village

Wenutu (American Indian) Sky Clearing after Being Cloudy

Wesley (Anglo Saxon) from the West

Westbrook (English) Brook in the West (Brook, Brooks, Wesbrook, West)

Weston (Old English)town in the West (Westen, Westin)


Wheatley (English) Fields of Wheat (Wheatleigh, Wheatly)

Wheeler (English) Wheel Maker


Whirll Wind

White Fire

White Dwarf

Whitlaw (Old English) from the White Hill

Whitney (Old English) from the White Island, from Fair Water. (White)

Whittaker (English) White Field


Wicapi Wakn (American Indian) Holy Star

Wicasa (American Indian) Man

Wichado (American Indian) Willing

Wicked War Maiden

Wicked Warrior




Wigor ( Vigor)

Wihakayada (American Indian) Youngest Daughter,little One

Wihunahe (American Indian) Chief Woman

Wilano (American Indian) Pouring Water on Acorn Flour

Wilbur (English) Strong Hold, Bright Willows (Wilbert, Wilburt)

Wild Native Girl

Wild Rose

Wilda (Anglo Saxon) Forest Dweller (English) Willow

Wileen Teutonic Resolute Protector

Wiley (English) Willow Meadow (Wylie)

Wilfred (Teutonic) Resolute Peace, Religious, Forgiving, Just, Inclined to Be Self-centred.


Wilhelmina (Teutonic) Resolute Protector, Helmet of Resolution, Hospitable, Practical. A Feminine Form of William


Will & Grace

Willa (Anglo Saxon) the Desired (English) Determined Guardian; a Short Form of Wilhelmina ( Willi, Willie, Willy)

Willabeta Fredadeta

Willard (Anglo Saxon) Great Bravery

Willette (Teutonic) Determined Protector, Feminine Form of William

William (English) Resolute Protector; Short Forms: Will. Pet Name: Willy.(Teutonic) Determined Guardian

Willis (Variant of Will)

Willow (English) Symbol of Healing, Willow Tree Origin: Middle English

Willy Wonka

Wilma (English) Determined Guardian; a Short Form of Wilhelmina. (Valma, Vilma)

Wilma & Betty

Wilmarie (English) Combination of Willa & Marie

Wilmer (Teutonic) Beloved and Famous

Wilny (American Indian) Eagle Singing When Flying

Wilona (Old English) Desired

Wilson (Son of Will)

Wilton (English) from the Farm with a Spring (Will, Willie, Wilt)

Wilu (American Indian) Chicken Hawk Calling Wi

Wind Talker

Wind Dancer

Wind Talker

Wind Cloud


Winema (American Indian) Female Chief

Winifred (Teutonic) Friend of Peace (English) Idealistic(winnie)

Winna (English) Friend

Winnah (African )


Winnie (English) a Short Form of Gwyneth; Winona; Wynne. ( Winni, Winny )

Winnifred (English) Peaceful Friend; a Form of Guinevere.

Winona (American Indian) Eldest Daughter,charitable

Winslow (Old English) Hill of Victory

Winslow (English) Victory Hill

Winsome Maid

Winsome Chief

Winsome Spirit

Winston (Anglo Saxon) Town of Victory (Winfield, Wingate)

Winta (African) Desire

Winter Maker Moon

Winter (English) Winter

Winthrop (Teutonic) Residence Name (English)victory at the Cross Roads (Thorpe)


Wirt (Anglo Saxon) Worthy


Witashnah (American Indian) Virgin,untouched



Wolfe (Teutonic) a Wolf

Wolfgang (German) Wolf Coming (Wolf, Wolfe)

Wolfram (Teutonic) Wolf-raven


Wonne (French) Yew Wood

Wood Chuck

Woodland Maid

Woodley (Old English) Residence Name

Woodrow (Old English) the Path Through the Woods (Wood, Woody, Woodman)


Woodward (Old English) Forester



Woofer & Tweeter

Woofer Snapper


Wooly Bully




Wormtongue (J.r.r. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings)

Worth (English) from the Farmland

Worthington (Anglo Saxon) Residence Name


Wren (English) a Member of the British Women's Royal Naval Service. Origin: Old English

Wright (Anglo Saxon) Workman


Wu Tang


Wuliton (American Indian) to Do Well

Wunand (American Indian) God Is Good


Wuyi (American Indian) Turkey Vulture Soaring

Wyanet (American Indian) Beautiful

Wyat Unusal Brave and Strong

Wyatt (Old French) Guide, Little Warrior

Wyatt & Doc

Wylie (Anglo Saxon) Beguiling

Wyman (Anglo Saxon) Warrior

Wyndham (Old English) Residence Name

Wynn (Welsh) White

Wynne (Celtic)light Complexioned a Short Form of Gwendolyn, Gwyneth.

Wynono (American Indian) First Born Son

Wyome (American Indian) Large Plain (In Algonquin Indian) (Wyomia)

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