What Limited Registration Means

Limited registration means that any litters produced by the dog are not eligible for AKC registration. The dog is eligible to compete in all AKC-licensed events except breed competition at an AKC-licensed dog show. The limited designation may be removed upon my written permission and upon submission of a form for that purpose which, is available from the AKC, and required fee. This is so, for when the dog has grown and you decided to show your dog in AKC breed competition, you have that option.

Limited registration is a tool with which I use to protect my breeding program. I strongly recommend that if you buy a dog from me with a limited registration this condition is clear to you so that there is no confusion about the terms under which the dog was purchased.

For more Information on limted registration visit the American Kennel Club at http://www.akc.org/ and do a word search on the words limited registration.

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