Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort. - "John Ruskin"


Why do Yorkies cost so much more than others kind of dogs?

Some breeds are more expensive to breed than others. Sometimes yorkies routinely require Caesarian sections, the puppies may be difficult to raise. We spend a fortune in vet bills. I don’t even need to go down the list.

Maybe the breeder had to pay a great deal for her original dogs and the stud fees are higher. Genetic testing has become so important in breeding. What's more important is knowing how to read the results from a genetic test We test for over 100 different conditions as well as coat color, coat traits, size, and other traits. It’s not cheap but its important.

And Yorkies most often have very small litters. It costs nearly as much for a breeder to raise a litter of two as it does a litter of eight.

You might think that if someone selling a a puppy for under a $500 puppy is a good thing and they say they are doing it because they love the breed and are trying to make it affordable to buy a Yorkie. I’m sure they do, they just don’t know anything about the breed. They don’t understand what it takes to have good quality puppies. Good Breeders study their dog's pedigees and know every dog on it and what traits they carry and they are not afraid to publish who is behind their dogs.

Rarely does a good breeder make a profit on a litter of puppies. What may seem like a large purchase price to you is only a drop in the bucket of expenses the breeder faces in planning a litter. You aren't lining the breeder's pockets when you buy a quality puppy. You are simply helping her continue to afford to breed. Reputable breeders do not breed for the money, but not many of them could afford to breed if they didn't cover at least part of the expenses through pet sales. There is a value in everything a good breeder does.

A very important point to consider: If you can't afford the purchase price of the puppy you want, are you positive you can afford to care for it should an unexpected expense, such as a large vet bill, come up? Sometimes the answer is yes, definitely, but you need to think carefully before you make the commitment.

All this being said, my puppy prices usually start at $2200 and go as high as $3500-$4000 for my tiny babies that I occasionally get. I’ve had to raise prices due to expenses beyond my control, such as vet fees and even the rising cost of quality food. Recently, I went to looking on the web and I’m shocked at what prices some of these breeders are asking for their dogs and poor-quality examples of yorkies out there.


Quality vs. Quantity

I feel the quality of my yorkies is much better than most. They are bred with loving care and I put a lot of time and research to make sure that I have the most beautiful & healthiest dog possible, with the emphasis on health. I do show my dogs and that is what I try to breed for. Unfortunately, I can't keep every one of my babies and so I do have to sell some of them from time to time.

I breed my yorkies so they will not have the various faults that yorkies can sometimes have or inherit. In order to insure that I have the healthiest babies, I do various types of tests before I breed a dog and I keep my ear to the ground to hear if any dogs in my pedigree are having any problems.

My girls receive the absolute best prenatal care available, with no expense spared. When the puppies arrive, they are treated the same way. They not only are physically healthy, but are properly socialized and checked for sound temperaments. They receive recommended vaccinations and are checked by the vet to insure that they are healthy. Show prospects and pets receive exactly the same care.

I'm totally in love with these dogs. I want my babies to go to homes that will love and cherish them as I do. I stand behind my yorkies 100%, check out my contract for what I exactly I guarantee. They are the most beautiful and loving dogs that I've ever seen or been owned by.

It is possible for reputable breeders to get small yorkies or tiny yorkies, which some people call teacup yorkies or miniature yorkies, I also get some over 7lbs. I am are careful and plan my breeding’s to the best of my knowledge, but once in a while I get a small yorkie even though I breed for a 5 lbs dogs.

A pet female is the most sought after dog in this breed. I don't know why females are the most wanted sex, to me boys seem to be more loving.

Limited registration means that any litters produced by the dog are not eligible for AKC registration. The dog is eligible to compete in all AKC-licensed events except breed competition at an AKC-licensed dog show. The limited designation may be removed upon my written permission and upon submission of a form for that purpose which, is available from the AKC, and required fee. This is so, for when the dog has grown and you decided to show your dog in AKC breed competition, you have that option.

Limited registration is a tool with which I use to protect my breeding program. I strongly recommend that if you buy a dog from me with a limited registration this condition is clear to you so that there is no confusion about the terms under which the dog was purchased.

All my PET puppies are sold on a Limited Registration and or Spay contract.


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