Shipping Information

The buyer assumes all costs, responsibilities, and liability related to shipping a purchased Yorkie including, but not limited to: air, land, or water transportation; quarantine expense; other vaccinations not included in the "Sales Contract"; food, care, injury, death and other health related issues; and all other third party handlers.

Personal Pickup:
Ojibwa Yorkies will assist with reservations, if required, for anyone wishing to pickup their Yorkie in person. No guarantee is made to the availability of motels or bed and breakfast facilities. We will, however, make every attempt to assure that your visit here is as comfortable and convenient as possible, We will even put you up at our house.

Ojibwa Yorkies will ship a puppy, but I prefer to limit the transit time to no more than 6 hours if possible.Ojibwa Yorkies will arrange transportation and/or deliver the animal to the Houghton/Hancock airport, or to the Marquette airport. I use Northwest Airlines (NWA) out of Houghton & Marquette.

Northwest Airlines (NWA) has very strict regulations due to the heat & cold. NWA imposes an embargo when too cold or too hot. Which means puppies can only be shipped if the temperature at all points in the flight meet the required temperature. The maximum temperature allowed is 85 degrees. The minimum temperature allowed is 10 degrees. A "Certificate of Acclimation", issued by a licensed veterinarian no more than 10 days prior to departure is required when the actual or forecasted temperature at any point on the itinerary is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Arrangements for puppies to be shipped during the summer or winter on NWA are tentative, at best. If the temperature drops or increases before the flight, or is expected to drop or increase during the flight, they will not take the puppy.

Shipping Costs:
If your destination requires the puppy to fly out of Marquette (airport code MQT), I can only do this on Friday and Saturday afternoons as it is a 2 & 1/2 hour drive each way. To cover the cost of gas, I charge $40 for the trip. The Houghton airport (airport code CMX) is closer to me (1 hour), so the charge for the trip there is only $25. I will not ship out of the continental U.S. unaccompanied at this time.

The rates for shipping using NWA cargo service costs from $160 (including taxes and security charges). And, depending on where you live, the dog might have to change planes in Detroit or in Minneapolis. Detroit requires a minimum of a 3 hour layover and Minneapolis has a 2 hour minimum layover between planes. These layover are mandatory by NWA and even if there is a flight with a 1 hour & 45 minutes layover they won't make the reservation. If the dog needs to change planes, Ojibwa Yorkies recommends that you use NWA's Priority Pet VIP service, because there is no mandatory layover and you pick up the puppy at the luggage counter instead of the cargo building, it costs $300 (including taxes and security charges). Plus gas surchages & taxes for the 100 Series Vari Kennel

If you decide to check flight availability on an airline's web site, be aware that just because a flight is listed doesn't mean it handles live cargo and Puppies must arrive at the airport 2 hours before flight time. So If you want the puppy shipped out of Marquette, don't schedule a 7:00 am flight, as I would have to leave here around 2:30 in the morning to make the flight. You must call the airline's pet shipping department for accurate information. Their phone numbers are listed below for your convenience.

Another cost to be consider in shipping is the kennel/crate, All airlines require the puppy to be in an "airline approved" pet carrier with food and water cups attached to the gate. If you already have one, you can mail it to me - allow at least a week for it to arrive here. NWA requires that a Veri Kennel by Doskocil brand crate be used. For Yorkies, size 100 (small - 21"x16"x15") is the correct size. This kennel can be purchased locally and you ship it to me or the easiest way it to purchase it on-line and have them ship it to me. I need the kennel here at least 1 week prior to shipping the puppy. A good place to order on-line is from PetEdge. They have Doskocil Sky Kennel with the airline kit for around $34 plus shipping.

Airline Pet Shipping Phone Numbers
Northwest (if you're traveling with the puppy): 800 225-2525.
Northwest (if the puppy is being shipped to you): 800 692-2746 option 7, then option 3. They stop answering their phone at 8pm.

Airline Websites:

Ojibwa Yorkies has listed these prices for your information only and may change at any time. We believe it is important that there is no 'hidden costs' in buying a yorkie from us. An informed consumer is a smarter consumer.

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